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About us

We are humanist computer technicians, which means we like numbers and codes but we tackle them with passion and creativity. For us, figures and calculations have a soul. We make this approach and our competences available to meet the needs of companies and their talents.

We have always tried to solve the former and empower the latter. And we do this thanks to in-depth analysis, projects that have an engineering logic and processes that always focus on a tangible advantage.

For us, culture, heritage and beauty move hand-in-hand with managerial preparation, technological competences, and digital innovation. For us, another approach would make no sense.


We help your company to build, develop and manage digital processes so you are in the best position to compete on known and unknown scenarios.


We have three complementary areas that work together towards digital transformation of companies, three areas at the service of our clients in order to flexibly and clearly solve tangible, often complex, problems. As a group we support your company in recognising the strategic value of digitisation and managing its complexity. As a group we support your company in recognising the strategic value of digitisation and managing its complexity

The journey

We have come a long way to get to where we are today.
Mida came about in 2004 with the meeting of three creative minds: Sergio, Maria Teresa and then Michel. Right from the very start, they have never lost sight of the engineering phase of their job and development processes. Creative, yes, but with their feet firmly on the ground.


In the beginning we dealt with the digitisation of paper and parchment material, magazines, posters and photo collections.


We created from scratch a certified ticket service, for shows, theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, and sporting events.

Solutions And Tools

Contamination of ideas in turn has led to the creation of another division, which, thanks to great analysis management competences, realises web applications and apps for iOS and Android environments.

Perfect Integration

Our company thinks digitally, operates digitally and breathes humanistically. We are a company of real people, offering the same guarantees as a big company but with a willingness and attention to details that larger organisations find difficult to provide.

Do you know what we made forSTT?



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