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we do Digitisation

Memories for the future

We devise digital reproduction services for historical archives, libraries and photo collections. We create the perfect duplicate of paper or parchment documents, magazines, posters, photos, glass slides, and fabric from any period. We retouch and convert files into different formats and digital material.

People and method

Our dedicated, highly trained personnel can travel with our equipment to where the originals are stored. We work with our clients to build the most suitable work methodology.


We use the most recent technologies—new-gen scanners and cameras—and we are the only ones who, at the end of the process, check each image again.

Duplicating for conservation, enhancement and ease of consultation

The quality of our reproduction makes it possible to enhance assets and cultural and corporate heritage, to print a facsimile and create a single file for consultation and metadating. The reproduced images guarantee consultation of otherwise inaccessible documents, longer life for the original and its reuse for scientific and commercial purposes.

Strong points

• Expertise in quality scanning• Client relationships, satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations• Clear coherent costs

Reliability and solidity

We have proven our reliability day in, day out for many years, earning a name as the ones who make things work without any hiccups. Read more

We made it withPrinceton University (USA)


We made it withFondazione Bergamo nella Storia


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